The Community Is The Young Adult Ministry Of Good Church

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The chosen community is the young adult ministry of Good Church in Cheongju, South Korea. The denomination of the church is Korean Methodist Church. The ministry has followed very conservative and charismatic tradition that focuses on the work of Holy Spirit, such as speaking in tongue and bible study. It has a worship each weak, and, in the worship, it has a Tongsunggido, the way of audible public prayer, over 30 minutes after worship. Then, it has a time to be divided to get a group bible study. The number of the ministry was around 100, and it is gradually increasing. However, someday, the pastor in young adult ministry threw the members a sudden question why young adults in South Korea do not have a hope for future even though there is …show more content…

Therefore, many religious seekers turn back from their religious tradition and find out other religious traditions. The Last analyzation is that most churches does not focus on transforming the society but making congregation immerse only into religious practices. Through this, Christians are looked as people who bring forth not reconciliation and unity into the world, but split and conflict with self-righteousness. From these analyzations, the ministry has a plan to have a new approach for young adults to get the good experience of hope, peace, and unity regardless of their religious background through inter-religious dialogue in a form in which young adults might be interested. Understanding The Community Cheong-Ju, which has over 840,000 populations, is the city of education in Chungcheongbuk-do province, so there are lots of schools and universities. Therefore, the church has a quite immerse pool of young adults. However, the most members of young adult ministry in Good church are the children of church members, which means that they are grown up in Christian background and do not have enough experiences for different religious tradition. In other word, people in this city are afraid of accepting a different religious tradition in their religious background. This is because South Korea is a strong homogeneous society, so it is hard for people to experience having close relationships with classmates who are from other

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