Essay on The Complicated Investigation of the Attacks on Pearl Harbor

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Investigations of the events on Pearl Harbor were complicated even more by revelations about the secret MAGIC decryptions. MAGIC was a code name for the information gathered from the translations and decryptions of Japanese diplomatic messages. From around June 1940 leading up to the attack, American cryptologists were able to read a large amount of extremely sensitive Japanese diplomatic messages that caused great concern for the few officials that had access to them. MAGIC was a top secret project involving Roosevelt, a few others in the White house, along with leading officers in the army and navy. The biggest emphasis of the top secret program was that of secrecy, and yet that emphasis, although understandable, possibly caused the …show more content…

There were a few messages received on December 6 that indicated an attack: one message was found to say “I imagine that in all probability there is considerable opportunity left to take advantage for a surprise attack against these places.” (Butow) “These Places”(Butow) in the previous sentence included Pearl Harbor which was attacked the next day. The only problem was that these messages were not able to be decoded until the day after the attack, December 8. This, however, cannot be blamed on a faulty system. MAGIC was a new program involving very difficult and top secret information, it was extremely difficult to find expert translators with “top secret” security clearance. and even if they were found, the possibility of decoding the messages successfully and in a short amount of time was slim. The Attack on Pearl Harbor, on December 7, 1941 was an attack that changed United States history. The attack directly led the U.S. to join the Allies in World War II and come out with a victory against Germany and Japan, two countries whom that U.S. hoped to defeat. Before the attack, Americans were not interested in being a part of the war. Life was normal, children went to school, parents to work, life was good in America. Radio shows were popular, and many attended movies twice a week; fun, funny, and uplifting movies. The war in Europe was on some

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