The Concept Of Data Security

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The concept of data security is not new to anyone. It refers to those technologies which have been discovered so as to keep the important data safe and out of reach from anyone undesirable. This has been done so as to keep the data safe from any intruders who could get into the computer system through hacking. As a result of advancements in the field of information technology, most data is kept on devices or in the clouds. With the help of such techniques, any unauthorized person could be kept out of a personal computer so that no one has access to any important data. Apart from stealing important data, there is also a chance that most data could be forged and changed so as to affect the authenticity of available information (Berman, 2016). This could not only affect organizations, but also individuals since the stolen or modified data could be important for them. Accordingly, the name data or information security came into existence. This branch of computer sciences started with the emergence of needing to keep data safe. The concept has been shoot and miss in areas of success in keeping data away from prying eyes. However, there have been some cases as to where security did not work. In this paper, I will examine the reasons Apple should stick to their guns and not aid the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
Discussion and analysis Background
Nevertheless the issue started when the Federal Bureau of Investigations contacted Apple for some important data off…

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