The Condemnation of Blackness

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The Roots and Deceived Perception of Racism in the History of America America is a nation “from many, one” as stated in our country’s original motto. We pride ourselves on the granted equal opportunity and freedom afforded to each citizen. But are these premises held true and adequately carried out? My answer is a resounding no! Our country’s intricate history provides us with the foundation that explains why and how discrimination has infiltrated and given the upper hand to the white race that has dominated the American society, while suppressing races of color. Dating back to the discovery of the new world we know as the contemporary United States, the African American race has been segregated and mistreated as exemplified through…show more content…
From this he established that the black population was going extinct in America through the process of social Darwinism (Muhammed 32). This was the idea that those who were the strongest would thrive and prosper, while those who were weak would not amount to any level of esteem and should be allowed to die. Explained verbatim from those who participated in the creation of these conclusions, this was the “natural fate of a primitive race, struggling to survive on its own in an advanced civilized society.” (Muhammad 32) These publishers furthered their support by claiming that the use of statistics in evaluating racial worth was producing more accurate conclusions that were based on a sturdy ground. (Muhammad 33) Other sociological authorities, such as Frederick L. Hoffman jumped into this discussion. His publishing of “Race Traits and Tendencies of the American Negro” focused primarily on crime statistics involving those of the African American race. He concluded through his findings that “the criminality of the negro exceeds that of any other race of any numerical importance in this country.” (Muhammed 51) Hoffman actively postulated and portrayed his statistics regarding the African Americans in society as a result of the genetic inferiorities evident in their entire race. This was also supported by the incorrectly conducted biological findings such as those carried out by Samuel Morton. He posed that the Negroes
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