The Confederacy And The Union On How They Represented Their Causes, And Their Respective Ideas Of Freedom

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The idea of freedom has never been more fundamental to Americans’ as individuals and as a nation. Freedom and Liberty are a central term which has almost always been used interchangeably in our political vocabulary which has been deeply embedded in our language and history of everyday life. In this essay, I will be comparing the Confederacy and the Union on how they represented their causes, and their respective ideas of freedom.
The division between the North and South states in the early American life was inevitable. The population in the Northern States were growing rapidly, while the population in the Southern States remained stagnant. The Northern economy was growing rapidly as well, as they were manufacturing goods that they wanted they to sell abroad, but more importantly, they wanted to sell these goods locally. The Southern States were a good market for these manufacturers. Their economy was rich from the sale of cotton, and they represented a prime, albeit small market. Northern manufacturers pressed for tariffs that imposed on imported foreign goods that could be made in the United States so they could ensure that the South bought the Northern goods. The Southern States, being predominantly agricultural, demanded there to be almost a status quo government, which would allow them to have more individual state rights, however, the Northern states relied on the government for help with their immigration and flourishing population. The two goals of the regions were

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