The Conflict Of The Democratic Republic Of Congo

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Women’s Position in Chaos: The Violence in Congo
Problem Statement The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has continuously experienced increasingly brutal cases of violence against the female gender (Peterman, Palemo, & Bredenkamp, 2011). As Peterman et al. (2011) continue to state, this gender based violence against women in the Congo is mainly characterized by widespread sexual violence, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), gang rape, and the abduction of women for sexual slavery purposes among several others. As a matter of importance, sexual violence against women is reported to be more prevalent within families, the resulting consequence being the continuous destabilization of populations, aside from the destruction of both community and family bonds (Johnson, Scott, Rughita, Kisielewski, Asher, Ong, & Lwry, 2010). Recent reports from world bodies such as the United Nations indicate that a majority of the cases of sexual violence reported in the DRC are inexplicably linked to the ongoing armed and civil unrest in the Congo. The eastern parts of Congo that border Rwanda, i.e. North and South Kivu regions are reported as having been the most affected by the continued violence against women. This research paper seeks to argue that the violence against women in the Congo reflects a systematic, colonial-style gender based discrimination and violence against the female gender as it relates to space and power.
Violence against Women in Relation to Space There can be no
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