The Conks And Limitations Of The American Jury System

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The American Jury System has its perks, and it has its downfalls. The Jury System we use here in America serves a good purpose in helping a case reach a consensus, however has a few “kinks” that need to be worked out. The Jury system in itself does a good job as a way for witnesses of a trial to be the one who decides the outcome of the case, but the few minor kinks in the Jury system such as the way to kind of slip away from a punishment by making a plea deal, or the jury making decisions that are too hasty. Either way, the Jury system serves its purpose, and serves it well here in the United States. The Jury System in America seems to have a flaw, in that there is no way for a jury to be 100% sure in their verdict, and that is only applicable if the jurors even pay enough attention to the case to make a reasonably decision. In Document E , the first cartoon shows the twelve members of a Jury, who seem to be thinking about everything else under the son, other than the trial itself, such as one man said he would vote in the way that Juror ten voted, while another didn’t know which lawyer was the defendant’s lawyer. Cartoon two shows a man reading out “We the jury find the defendant to be as guilty as he looks.”. This is a direct reference to people making assumptions based off of a man’s looks or present actions as opposed to looking at the facts of the crime committed. People are awful about assuming things, but that is just human nature. When dealing with jurors, it

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