The Insatiable Need To Know

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The Insatiable Need to Know
Greed is a common motive for villains in history and legend. The driving force behind evil in our enemies as well as ourselves. When looking at the movies Blade Runner and Alien, those causing the problems the protagonists face, have an insatiable need to know, and it blinds them from respect for life with horrible consequences. These motives for greed to know, are the cause of both film's monsters and how they are shown to affect the worlds created to contain Scott's stories.
In the film Alien, the antagonist is the Company. This company sends the Nostromo and her crew in harm's way for knowledge unknown. The ship itself, regardless of its contrast to current tech, seems run down and almost ready for the scrap yards. This is shown by the leaking areas, the large amount of repairing going on, and the overall used look of the ships terminals. It gives us a visual insight into the world we don't see as a darker place to live in.
Apart from the ship, there is also Ash as an example of the Company's disregard for life towards the general society. This type of sophisticated android, in place of the crew, would have been able to complete this mission more efficiently but Ash is only sent along to make sure that the mission is complete. This is at all costs, regardless of loss of life. Had they sent a small team of android, with a couple of specialist to monitor the work from a distance would have easily prevented the danger. The Alien is a

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