The Constituional Rights Violated During the Second World War II

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The constitutional rights violated during the war (concentration camp)". The concentration war was the World War II internment during the 'War relocation Camps' and involved around 110,000 Japanese Americans who were from the US pacific coast. The U.S government ordered this internment during the year 1924 when Japan attacked the Pearl Harbor. There was violation in the freedom of religion, speech, press and the right to assemble. There was also violation of the right of Restrictions on Powers of Congress. This was due to violation in the freedom of Japanese Americans religion, with respect to the practices in the Eastern beliefs of their religion. Those who belonged to Shinto religion could not exercise their freedom of worship in the camp, whereas the administrators of the camp encouraged Christianity. They also restricted Buddhism through use of bans placed the Buddhist clergy in the Department of Justice internment Camp.

This generally violated the people's freedom of worship. The Japanese Americans also did not exercise their freedom of speech and press for they could not use the Japanese language during public gatherings and in the camp newspapers. The administrators made English the primary language for use in public and the assembling right abridged upon prohibition of mass meetings. The administrators violated the Japanese guaranteed freedom of petition after some Japanese Americans exercises their citizen rights by demanding redress of grievances from their

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