The Constitution And The Declaration Of Independence

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The Constitution
Slaves petitioned for rights in 1777 using the Declaration of Independence after this Native Americans, Women, & others wanted to vote too
Constitution lives through the people who are not enforced by it
Constitution was signed in 1787 even with independence from Britain, they were unsure if they could maintain a stable gov’t
Framers agreed on a structure of government with three branches : legislature, executive, & judiciary not one branch had more power power was divided between the national government & the different states the constitution was approved by the people & not state legislature
Constitution was not perfect which allowed the people to change it as they saw fit .

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...of the United States,...
Gouverneur Morris, part of the Constitutional Convention’s committee of Style, edited the Constitution. at first the preamble stated that the Constitution applied to 13 states but only 9 required to ratify
Morris changed it to “we the people of the United States” the civil war unified the nation as one union order to form a more perfect Union… the articles of confederation made it seem that the states were the powers & the government was a “firm league of friendship”
5 years after the Articles, trade problem occurred between the states a convention was held in Philadelphia in 1787 to amend defects in the Articles the delegates started drafting a new constitution the final product was signed on September 17, was ratified by Congress in 1788, & George Washington took office as President in 1789
...establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, & secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves & our Posterity
Preamble is not independent in its rights ex. lawsuit cannot be based on Preamble
Jacobson v. Massachusetts (1905)
Jacobson didn’t want to get vaccination since it was against his freedom of liberty ordain & establish… The people establish the Constitution, not the states
Patrick Henry believed that the Convention abandoned the Articles of Confederation & said that it’s “We the States…”

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