The Constitution And The Declaration Of Independence

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The Constitution is one of the most important document of the United States of America along with the Declaration of Independence. In the Constitution, the founding fathers and the government also included a set of "rights" entitled, The Bill of Rights. In The Bill of Rights, citizens of the U.S. are given rights, amendments, that make the U.S a "free" country today. This system has provided many citizens with rights such as, allowing them to express their religion and free speech and protect their privacy with no officials is allowed to search someone 's belongings unless there is a warrant that states reason. There are many more amendments besides the two listed and each of them are of equal importance to balance the power between the …show more content…

"The right to bear arms" is what grants people freedom as they are able to defend themselves from any life threatening dangers. However, this amendment has not been exercised correctly in the U.S which makes it one of the most dangerous amendment as well. But, this amendment still plays a crucial role in people 's daily lives as they can protect themselves if there is any harm to their lives. Thus, it is important for this amendment to be reinforced even more to where owning guns is actually safe. Stated in an article on a court case titled, "People Vs. Hughes" in November 19, 2013, the Second Amendment is defined as giving "citizens the right to keep and bear arms, [however,] this right is not absolute" (Dwarika 726). In this court case a man named Frank Hughes usually goes to visit his girlfriend and one time he heard gunshots in her house and Hughes decided next time he would bring a gun for protection. While visiting his girlfriend again, Hughes this time met two men and one of them was "nicknamed 'Maniac Guns ' " and after a moment of fighting Hughes pulled out his gun to kill the other man. The freedom defined in this amendment is people are allowed to own or obtain their own guns however, it is only under certain circumstances where they are able to use the guns that they own or even own a gun. Some of the circumstances include: in a dire

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