The Constitution And The United States Of America

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The Constitution helped the United States of America move forward in progressiveness and equality through several ways. It provided the citizens of America with basic rights and liberties through the Bill of Rights. It helped to make a stronger central government that could protect the governed by raising arms in defense. It helped secure a democratic government and prevent it from turning into a tyranny or dictatorship. In doing this the Constitution has managed to become the single most important document in American history. The document that basically served as the first constitution for the United States of American was the Articles of Confederation, made on November 15, 1777. One of the main goals of the Articles of Confederation …show more content…

People began to realize the problems in the Articles had to be dealt with such as putting the most power in the state governments and leaving a weak central government. With the central government weakened, congress had no power to change the Articles of Confederation and it was left to all thirteen states to make a decision. When the thirteen states got together, they reached the decision to change the Articles of Confederation almost completely. The document resulting from this is the Constitution of the United States of America. It balanced the power of the government, it helped craft a single army unified in protecting the country from threats and dangers, and also gave the governed more power and basic rights by including the creation of the Bill of Rights.
Beginning on May 25th and lasting until September 17th in 1787, the document that would eventually become the Constitution drafted, changed, finalized, and changed again several times. The first official draft was presented to the delegates in August of 1787 and consisted of a preamble along with twenty-three articles. From August through September, the committee discussed the draft clause by clause and section by section. Through this review many changes and compromises were made and many details were explained and attended to. The ‘final’ version of the Constitution was collected on September

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