The Constitution Of The Confederate States

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The Constitution of the Confederate States of America was the supreme law of the Confederate States of America, as adopted on March 11, 1861, and in effect from February 22, 1862 through the conclusion of the American Civil War.[1] The Confederacy also operated under a Provisional Constitution from February 8, 1861 to February 22, 1862.[2] The original Provisional Constitution is currently located at the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia,[3] and differs slightly from the version later adopted. The final, hand-written document is currently located in the University of Georgia archives at Athens, Georgia.[3]

In regard to most articles of the Constitution, the document is a word-for-word duplicate of the United States Constitution. However, there are crucial differences between the two documents, in tone and legal content, primarily regarding slavery.[1][4][5]

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1 Changes from U.S. Constitution
2 Slavery
2.1 Contemporary reception
3 States ' rights
4 Interpretation by Confederate state courts
5 Signatories
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Changes from U.S. Constitution[edit]
The Preambles of both Constitutions do have some similarities, though it seems that the Confederate Constitution authors set out to give a different feel to the new preamble. Both preambles are provided here. The bold text shows the differences in the two. The Confederate constitution 's preamble includes references to a religious deity and perpetual government.
The Preamble to

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