The Constitutional Division Of Government

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The Constitutional division of government will benefit the people. With the central government broken into three branches, each with the ability to overrule the other in some sort, a return to a monarchy is impossible. Too often in history a small group or even a single tyrant has acquired far too much power, inevitably leading to corruption and abuse – the Constitution is designed to combat this exact phenomenon. The creation of an independent executive will allow the President to craft his own policies, but also allows for other bodies of government to counter any actions that are out of hand. Should the executive come from an elected body, such as the Senate, then the executive will be beholden exclusively to their wishes, not those of the people. The independence of the president allows some freedom to act and ensures that the executive will not simply be a servant of a small elite body – but instead the common public.
Some worry that an executive free from strong oversight of the legislature, will usurp for the executive branch extra-Constitutional powers. This concern is addressed in the system of checks and balances in the proposed Constitution. The Congress will write and approve any legislation, which will then be sent to the President to be signed into law. This design will create a strong tie between the President and the Congress, and an additional layer of security is added through the President’s ability to veto legislation that does not appeal to his vision

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