Essay on The Contrasting Tasks of Historians and Scientists

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The historian’s task is to understand the past; the human scientist, by contrast, is looking to change the future.” To what extent is this true in these areas of knowledge?
Comprehending and gaining knowledge about the past can be seen as a universal human need and the revelation of history has developed uniquely in civilizations around the world, historians are known to do this task of studying, researching and expressing these facts and concepts to satisfy the global human need of understanding history. A historian can be considered as a person who investigates past events and write or compiles a chronological report based on his findings, but according to my knowledge we can all be historians to some extent. To explore this topic I will …show more content…

And when the term past is analyzed we can use it to describe events that happened centuries ago or an incident which took place a few seconds ago.
History is particularly relevant in our topic of discussion of analyzing knowledge of the past and the ever-changing future. Historians usually navigate through the past and the present in an intricate balancing act to form a coherent bridge between these two entirely different times.
Professional historians spend their lives pursuing the meaning of the past for the present. They study facts and records that previous generations have left.
Studying the past we can say has by no means been predetermined as the history has evolved in many ways. A few examples of these evolutions and changes are the statics and social science turn in the 1960s and also the evolution of world’s cultures and traditions can be considered as a key change when we look at the present times. Regardless of how various things have changed, the epistemology of history has not been altered in accordance with time. Therefore, we can say that despite of the diverse ways of the methodological progressions and evolutions the ways historians discover things and factors about the past has remained noticeably evident. Even with novel themes like culture, science, society and class and the utilization of latest theories and beliefs empiricism and rational analysis are known to be the two sturdy and unchanged points in the cosmos of historians.
When we think about

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