The Contributions Of The Holocaust

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The Holocaust

Between the years 1939 and 1945, the Allies and the Axis Powers were fighting World War II. The Nazis were steadily rising into power and began the slow first acts of what would later be known as the Holocaust. “Holocaust” is a Geek term meaning execution, or sacrifice, of an entire group involving fire. The Jewish population of Europe went through years of horrific events and many lost their hope, family, and themselves. Their stories and legacies have lived on and will continue to leave a lasting impact on our world for many years to come. During the Holocaust, the Nazi Regime took the Jewish community through a very traumatic period of suffering, discrimination, and oppression.

Long before the Holocaust, Jews were already not accepted into the society very well. The Nazis were not the first official group who did not agree with them, in fact many believed in Anti-Semitism. Christians were often rude to Jews because they remained faithful to their own traditions and refused to convert to Christianity. Martin Luther, who believed Jews were “venomous,” began multiple attacks harassing Jewish people because they would not accept his new beliefs. However, the Enlightment emphasized the importance of religious tolerance, and Napoleon took away restrictions from Jews during the French Revolution. A man named Adolf Hitler had a very strong hatred for all Jewish people. He believed they were responsible for society’s troubles as

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