The Counseling Services At Nathaniel Bowditch

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Nathaniel Bowditch is a school in the Salem Public school district. This school currently educates children from kindergarten through the eighth grade. Within the school, I volunteer my time with the adjustment counselor for students in kindergarten through fourth grade. Throughout this paper, I will be discussing the counseling services at Nathaniel Bowditch through a client’s perspective. I will be discussing this client under the pseudonym of J, to ensure the privacy of the client. All of the information I will be using throughout this essay is from the client herself or her counselor. The goal of this paper is to discuss a background of the client, why and how long the client has been using this agency, the significance of the services …show more content…

Despite being extremely sick, J’s mother is active in her life and beyond supportive in everything she does. Because J’s mother is not able to keep a constant flow of income into the house because of her sickness, they currently live in subsidized housing and receives assistants from the government in the form of food stamps and cash assistance. J’s brother who is currently enrolled in the Salem High School is also extremely supportive of her. He is helpful in all the ways he can be. Her brother is definitely someone she can look up to. J does not have much communication with her father who lives in New York but is very close with a sister who is married. Her sister and brother in law come over a lot of take care of J. The rest of J’s extended family still lives in Puerto Rico, which causes the family to be very isolated. They very much so rely on each other for everything. Despite J’s broken family and sick mother, she has a very strong support system backing up her. Like I previously mentioned, J’s mother and brother are extremely supportive. They are more than involved with J’s school life. Even though J is an independent girl her family is always there to back her up with anything. J’s sister and brother and law are also a huge support to not only J but also the family. J’s sister and her sisters husband are established and living on their

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