The Count Of Monte Cristo Analysis

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The Danger in Believing to Have the Authority to Administer Justice The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas is a novel set in parts of Rome and Paris during the early eighteenth hundreds. The main character Edmond Dantes, returns to Marseilles an innocent and joyous man. However, Edmond’s happiness is brought to a sudden and tragic end when he is wrongly accused of being a Bonapartist. Through the arrest and being in prison for 14 years; Dantes, now a bitter man, vows to punish those who accused him. Though Edmond has a chance to forgive and become the joyous man he was, he is unable to let go of the idea that he should be the one to serve justice, which results in negative consequences and a life of emptiness. The once naïve and exuberant Edmond Dantes becomes a resentful man when he discoveries his imprisonment is an act of betrayal, which leads to his unwavering pursuit of vengeance. In the beginning of the novel, Edmond a very naïve and prosperous man does not suspect anyone would want to harm him, but he questions this when he is wrongly sent to the prison of Château d’If. Edmond only finds out his betrayal through the Abbe Faria, who quickly realizes he has planted a seed of vengeance: “‘I almost regret having helped you in your researches… Because I have instilled into your heart a feeling that previously held no place there-vengeance” (97). When Dantes suggests changing the topic it is evidence that he has permanently set his path for justice. The Abbe

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