The Court 's View Of The Election Process

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In addition, if people lose faith in the election process, our democracy’s integrity can be harmed. The Supreme Court ruled the fact that wealthy corporations had the financial means to support candidates did not mean that people would lose faith in the election process. In the Court’s view, financial support is but a part of the election process and no evidence supports the idea that candidates bend to contributors’ pressure.

However, as this law sets deeper in our jurisprudence and Super PACs feel more comfortable supporting candidates, some people might start suspecting that candidates are bending to donors’ pressure. This suspicion could arise simply from knowing the millions of dollars that Super PACs spend supporting candidates. …show more content…

This would exacerbate any potential doubts on the electorate’s mind about illegal collusion between candidates and large financial supporters.

Supporters of the Supreme Court’s decision can argue that such outcome is too far an event to consider it a serious possibility. Even when this scenario requires that certain factors fall into place, such as the media portraying candidates as puppets, and people believing these allegations, the question should not focus on how many factors must fall into place, but how reasonable is it that such factors playout the way they do. If looked from this perspective, the threat of people losing faith in their candidates becomes very real.

Yet supporters of the Supreme Court’s decision can argue that even when a part of the population loses faith in the election system, the overall trust in it can be maintained. However, on this important issue, the court should not render meaningless the distrust of a portion of the population, especially when this distrust arouse out of a lack of judicial deference toward the legislature. In other words, as a matter of public policy, courts should refrain from ruling in ways that would create an environment in which a portion of the population could lose faith in the very essence of our society.

Additionally, Court supporters can claim that the argument is that people could lose faith in the election system, and should not be

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