The Creation Stories And Cultural Characteristics Of The Creation Story

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There are many different types of stories, some fairy tales and some are origin myths. Within each story there are different things not seen by just reading the story and not thinking about the deeper meaning behind it. Such as in origin myths there are cultural characteristics. Cultural characteristics are the beliefs of a culture in which its society is based off of. These cultural characteristics can be seen as a blend of beliefs that tie the people to the land around them. This is very evident when looking at the creation stories of ingenious people. Each culture has different characteristics. For example the indigenous creation stories called “The Earth on Turtle’s Back”, “When Grizzlies Walked Upright”, and the Navajo origin legend; all have characteristics of the Native American culture. Such as the Native American cultural characteristics that you should respect animals, nature, and elders. Those cultural characteristics are very evident throughout the first two stories. The third creation story has different cultural characteristics. The story “The Earth on The Turtle’s back” has many cultural characteristics throughout the story. They are there, but they are hidden within story throughout the text. For example in the text the chief tells his wife that her dreams have power. After that the chief digs up the tree, and for the Onondaga, they believe that powerful dreams should come true. Another example of cultural characteristics throughout the text is the

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