The Criminal Confiling : Criminal Filing Of Ted Bundy

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Criminal Filing of Theodore Bundy

What is a serial killer? The Urban Dictionary defines a serial killer as a person who kills three or more people at different times with a cooling off period in between.

Theodore (Ted) Bundy was born on November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont. Ted’s mother Eleanor Cowell, gave birth to him at the age of 22 years old. She was not married. They soon moved to Philadelphia to be with his mother's parents. Bundy was eventually adopted by his grandparents. Ted was lied to by his family members by telling him that his mother was his older sister.

From looking at the family on the outside, all seemed perfectly normal. Ted started taking interest in knives at an early age. Bundy was shy but very intelligent. When he became a teenager he started getting into trouble by means of theft and peeping into windows of women. All of his charges were dropped when he turned the age of eighteen.

Ted started studying at the University of Washington. He graduated with a degree in psychology in 1972. While he attended school, he fell in love with an attractive young, wealthy woman. Their relationship didn’t last for a very long time. When they broke up it left Bundy crushed, he actually became obsessed with her.

Ted Bundy became more confident and active in social and political matters. He started studying law in Utah. By the middle of the 70’s, he had totally changed himself around. He

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