The Criminal Justice System For A Long Time Now

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Tom Shamshak has been part of the Criminal Justice system for a long time now. After an interview with Tom Shamshak I was able to get his general disposition and point of view on certain areas. Shamshak started off as a police officer and he dedicated a lot of his time to the department. Through hard work and dedication he was able to rise through the ranks becoming Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant and Chief. Shamshak states that his career has been very rewarding from an officer to chief he has met a lot of people and learned countless things. Also a law enforcement career provides great benefits. Such benefits include Health and Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance and a great retirement plan with a pension. Shamshak believes that being in law enforcement the biggest challenge is finding the right balance between his professional time and personal time. Not achieving the right work and personal life balance can lead to stress and trouble in the home also he states that this is a major contributor to family issues. Shamshak implies that a police officer’s identity is his work and that it can be all consuming, and that officers often need to be reminded that the most important source of stress relief is the family network. When you have stress at work and at home it can become overwhelming and noticed in work performance. Also supervisors need to check up on their officers and realize when too much work is being done that it could possibly contribute to the

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