The Criminal Justice System For Two Reasons

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Women enter the criminal justice system for two reasons. First, they want to become part of the criminal justice machine and acquire some professional and legal status. Second, they commit a crime and must go to prison. The focus of the present critique is on the study that tested the validity of a prison inmate inventory and its implications for the criminal justice field. The discussed article was published by Degiorgio in the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology in February 2015. The whole journal was devoted to the analysis of recidivism issues, with a particular emphasis made on its relation to imprisonment. Most researchers in the issue presented their views on how incarceration could expose offenders to the risks of recidivism. Of course, professionals and scholars in criminal justice want to be more confident and sure in their analysis of recidivism, delinquency, and reconviction following imprisonment. This is why the article of choice fits ideally into the context of the present discussion. In his study, Degiorgio (2015) sought to examine the construct and predictive validity of the Prison Inmate Inventory for female inmates. The results of his study can have far-reaching implications for the quality of professional relationships between criminal justice and law enforcement practitioners and female inmates. Unfortunately, the author 's credentials in the field of criminal justice remain unknown. However, the researcher has

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