The Crucible Abigail Williams Analysis

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It is sometimes said that theatre is supposed to reflect society and experiences that the audience can relate to. Luckily, very few people have led the type of life that Abigail Williams, the heroine of Abigail/1702, chose to live. Abigail/1702, an elaboration on what happened to Abigail Williams after the events of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, was written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and was performed by the Nebraska Repertory Theatre under the direction of Andy Park. I attended the performance on Friday, October 6th at 7:30 p.m. I generally enjoyed the production; most of the leading cast of characters were phenomenal actors and the addition of the Twenty was a nice touch that I imagine livened up the story from the original iteration. It was an overall visually and emotionally interesting performance Since the Nebraska Repertory Theatre is now a regional theatre, Abigail/1702 brought no shortage of impressive Equity actors. The strongest performance on stage was the leading lady, Abbey Siegworth, as Abigail Williams living under the pseudonym Ruth Meadow. Abigail is the centerpiece of the work and Siegworth held her own against the many layers of chaos working around her at any given moment. The thrust stage configuration acted in favor of her performance because every member of the audience could see every nuance of her facial expressions, which were perhaps the most intricate and impressive parts of her performance. Anyone could see the pain flash across her face

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