The Crucible And The Nazi Party

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The National Socialist German Workers’ Party, better known as the Nazi party is perhaps one of the most murderous and inhuman organization and later government system in history. The Nazi Party was notorious for their brutal and devastating acts of violence, particularly towards the Jews and communists of Germany during their reign in 1933 till 1945. Promoting extreme German nationalism and Social Darwinism-survival of the fittest as well as the idea of a “master race”, Adolf Hitler, chief leader of the Nazis, led the party through a totalitarian style government and with the manipulative concepts of mob mentality as well as charismatic leadership, showing the group's connection to the 1953 play The Crucible by Arthur Miller. The beginning of the Nazi Party can be traced back to 1919, just a year after the end of World War 1. Beginning with a group of unemployed soldiers unhappy about the Treaty of Versailles, the group quickly spiraled into a mass movement. In 1921, a former army veteran by the name of Adolf Hitler joined the association and quickly became the group's leader. Hitler soon began gaining new members as he went throughout the country advocating anti-semitism ideas and the idea that Germany would continue to suffer, unless their was a total revolution of German life where Jews and communists were eliminated. His ideas caught the attention of many, especially young, economically disadvantaged Germans, as they saw this as a chance to gain more than they ever had

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