The Crucible Character Analysis

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In “The Crucible” the most valuable asset is your reputation, and how good of a christian you are. But reputation meant nothing when a witchcraft accusations were staring you in the face. And it was for the sake of his reputation and his friends’ reputations that John Proctor refused to sign a false confession. He would rather die, lie to everyone. It was for this that Reverend Samuel Parris chose to stick with the accusations even though he had found out it was all a lie. In the book we see how different and similar these characters are, both being religious and seeing themselves as authoritative figures. But yet they act differently by always challenging each other and being on different sides during trials. Proctor ends up fighting for his life and Parris ends up staying as an important person. As the play progress both Proctor and Parris have a change of characteristics, both going from of men of pride to having goodness and foolishness.
Proctor dislikes Parris and disagrees with all that he does. Proctor’s hatred of Parris causes him to rarely attend church services and instead he spends the day on his farm. The reason Proctor does not attend is that he disagrees with his morals and motivations. He feels that Parris is unholy and is going against their Puritan ways of teaching, “I see no light of God in that man. I'll not conceal it”(71). Parris has a great influence in the witch-hunt and is often expressing his opinion about Proctor in an attempt to have him

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