The Crucible : The Community Is Very Close Minded On Their Way Of Living

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Destiney Sandle
Mr. Lilik
Honors Literature
September 28, 2015
In The Crucible, the community is very close minded on their way of living. Close minded to other religious, other than the Puritan belief. The first Puritans saw God as someone that was never wrong and was always right. This belief was formed by theocracy. Their government was based on the divine guidance of God. It is stated several times that the communist and the capitalist are of the devils making. Theocracy only deals with the Christian beliefs. So when others believe that there is something else, they were quick to turn against each other. They shared the belief of predestination- who goes to heaven and who will go to hell. The Puritans believed that if a person was to …show more content…

34). It states that other political inspiration other than the religion of Christianity has called out the devil and will continue to tempt the people that are all really on their own side. He explains that the outside will continue to tempt the people. He makes an inference that there is some people in Salem that worship the devil and are discovering the dark spirits. The Puritan belief clouds his judgment in the witch trails. Hale shows his resistant to believing Abigail and the girls are lying when he questions all of the towns and John Proctors Motives. He questions the innocents not the guilty. In the book, several times the testifiers are questioned whether they were innocents because they “were going again the court”. Hale uses theocracy to place fear in the town.
The Puritan beliefs also stick out in another fellow citizen of Salem. Judge Hawthorne is the judge that questions the citizens of witch craft. Where in The Crucible, the political life and religious life are as one. The church is also the court room in many situations. Hawthorne uses this a lot in his questioning. He brings up the limited amount of times John Proctors goes to church. Or the fact that Mr. Proctor works on Sunday. To their court if there not upholding there Christian values then they are participate of devil worshiping. Hawthorne shows his resistant to believing Abigail and the girls are lying when he

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