Essay about The Crucible, by Arthur Miller: A Test of Character

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The word crucible describes an event that involves a test or trial of someone or something. In the story The Crucible by Arthur Miller, various characters endure a severe test of honestly, bravery, and goodness. Throughout the story, a series of events lead to tragedies, which involve these characters to make important decisions. If chosen incorrectly, it may lead to the death of another innocent person, or possibly even themselves. These events however, will bring out the true colors of everyone in Salem, whether they truly good or evil. Abigail is a fitting example of someone who was severely questioned throughout The Crucible. One reason is her affair with John Proctor. This affair leads to a trail of corrupt doings. This is because …show more content…

This shows an example of how well she could manipulate someone, and how far she would go to get what she wanted. One of the final tests of Abigail’s character was to what degree of evil she really was. Although seeming innocent among the girls in court, Abigail was the source of all evil in the town at this time. Many times throughout the story, Abigail had opportunities to take her evil manipulating personality to a new high, and she always did. A good example of this is when Abigail had a chance to save Marry Warren, and confess to faking their behavior of fainting when a supposedly bewitched person was before them. Instead of taking a step towards goodness, she kept evil on her side and decided to show no remorse for Marry Warren. The last and most significant test Abigail experienced was how far she would go to save her reputation, and get revenge on Elizabeth forever daring to wrecking it. This test is also one that proves the kind of diabolical things she would do to pretend she was saintly. The first stage of Abigail’s test was when she was discovered in the woods. She and the other girls decided to be deceitful about this event, and to remain godly in the eyes of the town, even though they were disappointing God in doing so. Abigail and the other girls were soonly accused of witchcraft, which she immediately turned the blame around of Tituba, in hopes of keeping any goodness to her name. Then, when she had the chance to accuse others of witchcraft,

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