The Cruelty Of Slave By Jared Eliot

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The cruelty of slave
With many resources and reasons, African slave experience numerous of punishment during their time period of slavery. As they crossed from Africa towards the West Indies their encounters experience of starvation, mistreated, beaten, sexual harassment and torments from Europeans slave’s dealers, owners, master and their own kind. Breaking the law or even working slow was a punishments. Especially for runaways slaves. Two primary sources advertisement that explained the hardship of slavery is document one. Documents one is an “advertisement come from New London (Connecticut) on March 30, 1764” and Documents 2 is a “Broadside advertisement that …show more content…

Advertisements represented the increasing for owners to insure the slaves of their poor treatment. The advertisements were the slave owne r’s resource in the return of their property. When you analyzing the advertisements, it is clearly show that the attitudes towards the slaves were more of a piece of property than that any humans beings. Slave’s owners list such suitable descriptions like physical descriptions, and rewards for their capture and return.
In this time period salves was a mistreated, starved, and beaten and furthermore, serves with disease and sickness. Hundreds of runaway advertisements that have been collected it provide us with knowledge about enslaved individuals and the hardship of their struggle. The ads show evidence of slave on going work, struggling by individuals against slavery and allow us the indication into their appearance, skills, personalities and motives of those who chose to run. However, businessmen were pocking goods to trade for slaves. However, slaves were punished, mistreated, misbehaved and starved not knowing that, they had to shipped out and be sold to masters. This post is a broadsides “advertisement that was posted in Charlestown, South Carolina in 1769” This ads was posted by “John Chapman, &Co.” company. As you can see in the document “TO BE SOLD”. Slave was like item. Just like in-store where you see the

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