The Cuban Missile Crisis : The Cold War

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Wars have been going on since the beginning of time, whether it is fighting for your religions, fighting for land, and fighting for your rights and freedoms. Some wars cause dramatic amounts of deaths, but the Cold War resulted in none. The reason there were no deaths is due to the fact that the Cold War was just that, cold. The conflicts never heated up enough per say to cause a real war. Though the Cold war itself wasn’t a war fought in battle, there were parts caused by it such as the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Cuban Missile Crisis, all of which resulted in deaths. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a major factor in the Cold War and possibly the most memorable in relation to the Cold War. The outline of the Cuban Missile Crisis…show more content…
Kennedy insisted on measures that insured against un-premeditation, such as precautions against the any unauthorized retaliations. Though, many of these precautions can only give a short glimpse into how close many of the scenarios thought out by scholars could have come to reality.
The CIA played a large roll during when it came to intelligence gathering and analysis in the crisis. They also had a successful part in keeping an eye on Soviet build-up in relation to their discovery of the medium-range ballistic missiles found. The CIA was mostly successful, besides some downfalls, in detecting, identifying and reporting any weapons introduced to the Cubans from the Soviet Union. This was all done before those weapons even had a chance to be attained in an operational capability. The Cuban Missile Crisis itself relied on intelligence and most any inquiries on it are about the intelligence involved. The ability of the CIA could be due in partial to the fact that there were not many problems legally or morally at the time, at least that were brought to light, this allowed them more freedom in collecting the intelligence needed. Much of the actions taken by the CIA have been declassified and released to the public. They received annual budgets of 50 million dollars in order to conduct activities such as poisoning sugar exports, destroying oil refineries, blowing up railway
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