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The Cultural Change of Music
The popular culture of music has changed dramatically over the course of sixty five years. Since this time, new genres of music have been introduced, existing genres have changed, and fixed stereotypes have been associated with certain genres of music. Music has become a major part of popular culture, and is portrayed almost everywhere in first world societies, including on television, radio, at shopping centers, sporting events and in every area of popular culture. Music has become a major part of popular culture, and continues to strive and develop into more and diverse areas of culture.
The advancement of technology has had a major role in changing the culture of music since 1945. …show more content…

Let's take rap. Some kids who like rap talk like rappers, dress like rappers, eat like rappers, and treat women like rappers treat women. Is it because they're influenced by what they see on TV or hear on their favourite rap artist's album?” Glen Chiacchieri makes it clear that there are many aspects of culture that are dependent on Music, and that music has been, and that the way people lived there lives are affected by music and popular culture.
Popular artists in today’s culture have been greatly influenced by many great artists from the past’s popular culture such as Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley was one of the most popular artists in the 1950’s. He was a revolution in music, being given the title “king of rock and roll” and introducing a new style of music to make its place in popular culture. Throughout his career, he sold more than one billion records and without realizing it, became an influence to many recent artists and bands in popular culture today such as Justin Bieber and Reece Mastin. Jessica Reaves from states that “Presley’s name fairly droops under the weight of its acquired cultural significance. Briefly tagged a teen idol, the king of rock and roll swiftly transitioned into category defying superstar. Today, professors devote whole careers examining Elvis’s influence on cultural mores”. Elvis’s style and new ideas inspired many new artists and made rock and roll popular. The Beatles are a

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