The Culture Epoch Theory In The Fall Of Rome

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The Transition from Era to Era The Culture Epoch Theory is an “idea” that periods go from Chaos, to Adjustment, to Balance (Sayre). This theory is relevant to the time period of The Fall of Rome, the transition of the Romanesque, the balance of the Goth era, and then back to chaos during the Black Plague. The fall of the Roman Empire brought about a time of confusion, havoc, and much more. In 476 C.E. Romulus, the last Emperor was overthrown by Odoacer who would be the first Barbarian to have the reign of Rome (“The Fall of the Roman Empire”). This would begin the chaos that was mentioned earlier. The Romanesque era is a time of great change, art, and architecture. Architecture and art that was widely known and is still utilized today, the …show more content…

Chaos is the first step in moving to a new Era, inconsistences are brought to light, the way that things have been done, beliefs, morals, are all removed and focus on getting something new. Adjustment, brings about innovative thinkers who bring about solutions to the current chaos and how to remove themselves from that situation. Finally, Balance is when the order is brought back into the community and security comes from the idea that things have been restored, or renewed (Culture-Epoch …show more content…

Well, when the Roman Empire fell, chaos is what it brought upon the people. So, what made the Empire fall? Constantine the Great, an Emperor of Rome in 313 C.E., declared Christianity the official state religion. A sculpture of Constantine the Great shows the detail and work that the Romans took into consideration during their artwork (“The fall of the Roman Empire”). The Pantheon is an example of their great architecture. It is the most influential building in Rome, where it was dedicated to all the gods of the pagan Rome (Cartwright). An example of their prestige literature is the epic poetry of Vergil (Sayre). The Roman state had cut off its nose in spite of its face at this point, because, religiously they had considered their Emperor a God, whereas, with Christianity you worship God, and God was not their Emperor. This action would be extremely detrimental to the Empire, and as if that wasn’t enough, Constantine would split the Empire into two halves in 330 C.E. The western half would speak Latin and practice the Catholic Religion. The eastern half would speak Greek and practice the Christian Religion. The entire Empire would fall by 476 C.E. when Romulus was defeated by Odoacer, and all order was abolished (Sayre). These actions bring great chaos to their

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