The Dangers Of Alzheimer 's Disease

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One of mankind’s greatest threats to its wellbeing is Alzheimer’s disease. This disease has plagued mankind for centuries and mercilessly strips people of their independence and intelligence. What makes this disease so dangerous is the fact that humankind has only recently begun to truly understand how it functions, this means that humankind currently has no defense against said disease. Why does mankind only now understand Alzheimer’s disease if it has been around for centuries? The reason is due to the lack of knowledge of the disease, especially by the public. If one were to go back only fifty years ago they would see just how little attention Alzheimer’s disease received; few people knew about it and even fewer were; concerned enough to actually bother learning about it. Logically this brings to mind the question: what caused this relatively sudden shift in perception of the disease? It is no coincidence that the disease is now widely known and identified as a threat by the public and doctors alike. Several factors caused this shift to happen. Everything starts with properly informing the public about these types of issues, for this reason, this paper will serve the purpose of properly informing the reader on Alzheimer’s disease. To do this, it will go back to the very beginning and trace the timeline of the disease. Once this basic foundation of understanding is created, the paper will begin to delve into the complexities and causes of the disease, and ultimately

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