The Dangers Of Animal Abuse

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Background Research:

What is animal abuse? For starters, animal abuse is when a person inflicts suffering or harm on any animal. Most people, all over the world own an animal; but there are still far more animals left out on the street. Homeless animals are either left out on the streets or are “thrown” into shelters. This became a problem because not all animals are domesticated. Animal shelters began as pounds. “When the system began to be used to impound wandering dogs and cats, these animals were often killed because little monetary value was placed on them” (Lila Miller, Animal sheltering in the United States: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, 1) . This issue persists because shelter workers and others truly believe that an animal life has no value, but that is not true; animals are living beings just like humans with brains, hearts, and bones. A reported case was that “authorities had seized 23 puppies, 11 cats, and four adult dogs from a self-processed animal “rescue” after they were found in the “rescuer’s” filthy home.” (‘No-Kill’ Label Slowly Killing Animals, 3). This means that an unauthorized person hoarded many animals and forced the animals into an unsafe “shelter”. The shelter being a dirty home.

Animal abuse awareness is very important because it is showing that harm to an animal is not okay, it is a crime, and should not be taken lightly. Animals feel too, “dogs don’t hide what they feel” ( Marc Bekoff, The Emotional

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