The Dangers Of Credit Cards

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Dangers of Credit

When you get a credit card you would feel as if spending

money is painless and easy. Using cash will cause you to

think because it would disappear for every, making it more

of a harder thing to do. Making credit cards easier to spend

money on causing people to go into debit.

How do people go into

debt ?

Credit card organizations don 't just give people money

because they want to be nice. Those companies count

on people being forgetful or not responsible causing

them to be late or not being able to pay off their debit.

if you are late or it 's just the matter that you don 't have

enough money to pay it off that month, then you will

have to pay a fee. On top of that free their will be

interest. So then you will have to end up paying more

from what you actually owe. They do not care if you go

under a spiral of debit, it 's just a game to them , and the

companies are the ones getting rich.

How can I prevent debt?

Since companies want people to fall

under debit. Try to not be that

person. Be that person who pays

their money they owe every month.

Don 't buy food or things under 10

dollars with it. Create a budget ,

which shows you where and how much many you can spend.

Finally , when you are buying something with your credit

card ask yourself can I come up with that money soon,

What is Credit?

Basically credit is the amount of money someone such

as a lender will risk to help you get money. You aren 't

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