The Dark Side Of Human Nature

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Through the character of Montressor, the dark side of human nature is exemplified. Through the thoughts, acts, and words of Montressor, one is able to see him carry out his devious plan for revenge on Fortunato. Indicated through his words, Montressors’ true character is shown. His revengeful tone sets the nature for what is to follow throughout his story. Montressors’ motivation stems from the hurt Fortunato has caused him many times. Montressor states, “The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could, but when he ventured upon insult I vowed revenge” (Poe, 179). Montressor is a cold, unrepentant murderer, who is a manipulative, and condescending man trying to justify his actions and reasoning for killing Fortunato. While …show more content…

Convincing him more, Montressor tells Fortunato that because of his cough that he can ask Luchresi to taste his new wine instead of he. This giving Fortunato a fair chance to “escape”, however Montressor knows that he will not pick up on this. This being because Fortunato is so highly intoxicated by this point. Offended, Fortunato continues on with Montressor into the catacombs trying other wines along the way.

Fortunato begins to grow impatient with Montressor because he is being “stalled” from getting to assess and try the Amontillado. While this is occurring, he doesn’t realize that he has been brough to the end of the catacombs where he is then chained to the wall. While Montressor is walling up Fortunato, he begins to sober up very quickly. Realizing what is happening and starts to begin begging to be released and have mercy on him. Everything we are told and known as the outside reader is only from the point of view through the diabolical mind of Montressor. He is easily insulted, envious of Fortunato, and a little bizarre. His tendency for being offended branches from his own insecurities; an insecurity that could lead to him to create a story about skillfully masterminding the perfect murder/ revenge. Such as continually making him look like fool, his jealousy of Fortunato leads to him directing everything to make him look stupid. Such as the way he explains the way he

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