The Dark Side Of Pluto

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In the beginning, darkness trickled in between the sharp edges of the open cavern. “This is all yours Pluto. Do with it as you choose, but know every decision you make on Earth is multiplied by great forces down here.” Pluto looked around slowly as the mans ' voice dully echoed through-out the space. On the outside it would seem that he was overwhelmed by the jagged layout with miles of uncharted territory, but contrary to his outward expression of shock and nerves Pluto was mentally cultivating and creating an empire so enormous and so dark that not even the Gods could reign down upon his rightful power. As time went by, Pluto had servants indebted to him that began to build a castle scraping the top of the 40 story high ceiling of the cavern. Charcoal colored towers stood high above the souls help captive within the cavernous acres beyond the walls. Many of these souls complained of the cold and it seemed that the larger Pluto 's fortune became from those supporting him, then the icier the underground became. When the castle was complete onlookers marveled at the masterpiece. Moreover, many people felt that the type of fortress he created with the darkest of souls supplying all the underworld 's power was undoubtedly ingenious. Jewels of the richest quality were sent to compliment his achievement and rubies adorned the grounds within his castles gates. Pluto sat proudly within his leather chair as he watched through the arched window at all of the souls. He noticed
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