The Dark Side Of The Black Eyes

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Sam’s broken sneakers never left the dirty, cold ground as he gently pours the icy clear water into the rusty cans. He crouches next to the door quietly maneuvering his nimble hands around the once smooth iron bars. He peers at the eyes glaring back at him. The black eyes are like the black holes of the universe, swallowing the light that seeps from the cracks of the door. Sam softens his gaze as the creature has won this battle. He suddenly inhales the dry air and shutters as the pain from his heart dissipates. The presence of blood lingers above his taste buds and fills his nostrils. Sam 's tongue twists and turns in the desert the tongue lives in. “Ahh!” shouts Sam as he hurls the water bucket against the wall. His nail digs into the palm of his hands as his breathing slows and his eyelids surrender to gravity. The ceiling sent a soft white glow throughout the room to scare the darkness out of the corners. The walls stood to hide the dangers of outside. A collage of wool each dusted with short golden strands of hair covered the ground. A boy sat with his legs out in the middle of the room as a dog circled around. The sound of laughter and panting combined into a symphony of bad notes. The boy reached out to grab the soft golden hairs that blurred past him, but fell back into the cloud of fabric. The dog stopped and stood over the child. The smile wiped from the dogs face as he searched for a tear, but he found a smile instead. The dog’s tail ran wild, releasing a new
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