The Dark Side Of The Hot Summer Air

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As the morning sun of Corrigan slips out of its reverie, yellow rays spill through the dirt-smudged awning window and into the nursery room. It forms a shadow over George, saving him from the bright light. I lift him out of his wooden cot, cradling his fragile body. Eliza looks on, stroking the tufts of his fleecy hair. I put him close to my heart. He gazes up to me with big brown eyes that sparkled like clear-cut diamonds. Giving George a kiss on his forehead, I catch a whiff of his bodily scent. It is indeed alluring – fragrances of sugar, milk and lemon all combined. Back in the lounge area, “Flashdance… What a Feeling” is playing on a Panasonic RN-Z600 boom box. The thin plaster walls did nothing to dampen the sound, so …show more content…

‘Liza, I’ll open the window. Maybe that will bring some fresh air in. He looks flustered.’ ‘Sure, whatever we can do to make this cutie more comfortable.’ I hand George to my wife, who in an attempt to subdue the cacophony, tries to entertain him by making funny faces. I proceed to open the window, but after a while, things don’t seem to get any better. The air is not any cooler. George’s crying gets louder, and soon he is bawling. Fortunately, my wife comes to our aid. As she sings quietly a lullaby, little George calms down and slowly drifts asleep. ~ ‘Liza, let’s make some blueberry pancakes, shall we?’ ‘Sure, why not!’ Since we married and moved in together, making breakfast together was a tradition. We do it every day to show our unconditional love and support for each other. Five minutes pass. We sit down with our food on the ageing dining table, opposite each other. ‘So, are you working on your novel today?’ Eliza asks. ‘Yes, I’m on my way to finishing the first chapter.’ ‘You know, you haven’t told me anything about your novel. So what is it that you are writing about?’ ‘It’s all based on my life experiences. Remember, “no secrets!”’ I said jokingly. Eliza snickers loudly. ‘Do you still remember when we first said it to each other?’ ‘Yeah, it was after I burned my parent’s house. Twenty years ago. It was after you said

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