The Day After Christmas : A Christmas Day : Christmas And Christmas

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The day was cold and dry, but if you had the right view, sun and light was all you could see. It was the day after Christmas and all were tired and dreary, well, all except two. Through the gloomy day there were still people walking along the streets but not with their usual buzz. Then everything changed. Suddenly there was a loud cheer coming from the distance. It was a cheer of amusement. Two people came running quickly-- a man and a boy. Their names were Ebenezer Scrooge and Tiny Tim and they were the only people who could be joyful on this dark, cloudy day. Although Christmas day was a tiring day for Scrooge after spending the day at his nephew’s house, there was no way to avoid the happiness and love for Christmas and life that had…show more content…
Scrooge!” At that, Ebenezer Scrooge smiled his brightest smile at the little boy who wasn’t going to die and said, “God Bless us, everyone!” Scrooge left and walked back to Scrooge and Marley’s. It had been suggested to him to change the names on the sign, but he wanted to keep Marley with him and a part of the business. Scrooge wouldn’t slave over the business anymore, for it was Marley who had helped him and who saved him too. Without Marley, Scrooge would most likely be dead. After finishing his work he walked home. It wasn’t a long walk, but it seemed so. He looked at his door knocker where it had all begun and tried to remember that night that felt so long ago. It had only been two nights, no more, but it felt like forever. Scrooge remembered how every spirit had come--Past, Present and Future. He remembered Marley again and how amazed he was to be seeing a ghost that night. He knew that he had so much to thank Marley for, whether or not he had understood it at that moment. He recognized that Marley was responsible for him becoming the man he was now, kinder and, more generous and he could never thank him enough for any of that. Marley taught Scrooge that all of his actions have consequences. When Scrooge heard that from a friend it was meaningful because the influences around us can change us. He hoped that he would not lose what Marley had taught him because Marley

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