The Day I Was Forgotten

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It was finally the day. The day I knew I was never going to forget it. After 9 months of waiting my baby brother was finally going to be born into this beautiful world. I had been waiting 9 longggg months for this day. It all started one day when my mom started to feel sharp pain. She told my dad to drive her to the ER because she was going into labor. My dad immediately woke up me and my big brother we all got in the car and left to the hospital While in the car I could see my mom felt lots of pain so I grabbed her hand and tried to make her feel better. No matter what were to happen to my mom I will always be by her side helping her and exceptionally now that she 's going into labor I have to be there and help her feel better. But I also couldn 't wait for my baby brother to be born, I kept wondering what he was going to look like and what my parents were going to name him. They decided to wait for him to be born and then decide a name for him just like they did for me and my big brother. Every time my moms pain got stronger she would squeeze my hand stronger and stronger so by the time we got to the ER my hand was completely dead. But I didn 't say anything to her because I know she was going thought lots of pain. When we got to the ER my brother walked my mom inside while my dad and I went to go park the car. We waited about 15 minutes until they called my mom ever to check on her. They tranfered over to the hospital and gave her a

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