The Day Of A Perfect World Essay

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Living in a perfect world, with the perfect people, and the perfect government sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Everyone be employed, the economy would be better, the community could feel safe, and most of all everyone would be the happiest they could be. The government would be for the people, and all crimes would decrease due to the agreement on punishment from the people. Sounds like a fantasy right?
TheTaino Indian tribe was the first citizens to live in Puerto Rico around 1000 AD; however, on Christopher Columbus second journey to the lands in 1493, he claims Puerto Rico for Spain and renamed it as San Juan Bautista. Christopher Columbus and Juan Ponce de Leon demanded the Tainos to perform forced labor and no pay in the gold mines. The colonists soon begin to treat the tribes like slaves, and soon began to mistreat them. Due to the neglect diseases began to spread throughout the population, which scared the tribes and they soon started to rebel, and flee. The population soon started to decrease which meant lack of laborers, or servants. The Spaniards then brought in African slaves to take the place of the Taino Indians to serve as laborers in the gold mines. In 1830 Puerto Rico improves plantation estates based on sugarcane and coffee. They exported sugar and molasses to the United States which provided the income for the Spanish government. In 1917 The Jones Act, declared Puerto Rico as a United States territory and Puerto Rico citizenship was recognized. While Puerto

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