The Day Rosa Parks Changed History

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Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks put a large impact on the world when she refused to give her seat up to a white man. ( My topic is important, because Rosa Parks changed the world’s regulations in many different ways. ( Rosa Parks had an immense impact on the world, letting whites and blacks have more freedom to interact with each other. ( Rosa Parks had a huge significance to the world that no other person could possibly ever have. I chose Rosa parks, because she is a very nice person and has a good story to influence the people around us today. (
Rosa Parks was born on February 04, 1913, in Tuskegee, Alabama. (Rosa Parks Civil Rights Pioneer Page 27) She was raised in Pine Level, for pretty much all of her life with her friends and family. (Rosa Parks Civil Rights Pioneer Page 27) When Rosa was little her parents separated and they moved to her grandfather’s farm, where she was also raised. ( Rosa’s mother taught her how to read when she was like five years old and she attended a one- roomed school in Pine Level, Alabama. ( In conclusion, at age 19, Rosa Parks met and married Raymond Parks, which helped her get through her high school years, and get a high school degree. (
While Rosa was still in 11th grade, she left school and went to attend her sick grandmother and mother back in Pine Level, Alabama. ( During high school, Parks had interference with other people

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