The Death Of Christopher Lopez

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A lawsuit has been filed over the death of Christopher Lopez who was a diagnosed mentally ill inmate. On March 17, 2013 Lopez died while incarcerated in the San Carlos Correctional Facility. Lopez died on a concrete floor struggling to breathe while guards watched through the food slot to his cell. The reality of it which is why this is beyond frustrating and unacceptable in America is because Lopez 's was a schizophrenic. Lopez was given a psychotropic drug to deal with his schizophrenia. Lopez died due to a sodium deficiency which could have been prevented. So if it was not for the gross over the top negligence of the staff who are required to do their job, Christopher Lopez would still be alive today.
This is unacceptable and a major issue in a broken criminal justice system. Diagnosed mentally ill patients should not be in prison, they need help that only a mental health facility can offer them. There is a difference between being mentally ill and being a criminal. It is no secret that the state has used the prison system as a dumping ground for the mentally ill. Common sense would lead an observer to conclude that a prison environment is not the best place for a person who is suffering from mental illness.
This issue has gotten out of control by not being fully educated and funded. Correctional officials have used their infinite power to create a prison where human beings are humiliated, abused, beaten and broken. The reality of it is correctional facilities have

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