The Death Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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Every action has an opposite and equal reaction. Many people believe in karma, the idea that personal actions dictate future endeavors, and do good deeds to ensure that they live a prosperous life. The logic is that if a person commits negative actions, negative events will happen to them. A prime example of this ideology is found in the play Hamlet. Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, was composed in 1601 following the death of Shakespeare’s son, Hamlet. The play focuses on the prince of Denmark, Hamlet, as he discovers the truth about his father 's death and the events that follow. Shortly after the death of Hamlet’s father, Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, marries Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius. Hamlet does not agree with the marriage of his …show more content…

To expand, Laertes responds to Hamlet by explaining, “ in my terms of honor/ I stand aloof; and will no reconcilement/ Till by some elder masters, of known honor,/ I have a voice and precedent of peace/ To keep my name ungored.”(247-251). Laertes’s tone is nothing of acceptance and disregards Hamlet’s apology. Laertes tells Hamlet that until a master or honor explains to him how to forgive Hamlet without tarnishing his name; he will not. Laertes does not express forgiveness and plans to revenge the death of his father, which leads to his own death. If Laertes moves past the murder of Polonius and does not plan to murder Hamlet, he would not parish. The inability of Laertes to forgive and attempt to understand Hamlet’s apology subsequently affect Laertes in the end. The idea that forgiveness and love produce positive karma while ignorance and hatred create bad karma shines through during this scene. Ultimately, the negative actions of Laertes end in his downfall. The hostile and unforgiving tone of Laertes foreshadows the deaths of himself, Hamlet, Claudius, and Gertrude that soon follow. Both Hamlet and Laertes can prevent their deaths, but because of their negative actions, the equal and opposite reaction affects them and leads to their well deserved deaths. In addition to tone, irony highlights the idea of karma. While Laertes and Hamlet fence, they

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