The Death Of The Hall

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He stood. Drawing back his shoulders, he spun to face the throng. Considering the number of people present, it was eerily quiet in the Hall, so silent Audra heard the rush of blood in her ears. Edgy but determined to make her people understand they would not dictate her love life, she took Maxen by the hand and led him toward the dais. She took the small step up and stood before her throne, yet he still stood taller than her. Audra kept her fingers laced with his, prepared to make her case, when cheers, clapping, and foot-stomping ensued. Most of the women were tearful—Audra hoped with joy—and the knights appeared jubilant, especially the older ones who had known Maxen from years ago. Her eyes swept the back of the crowd. Corsen smiled and clapped, as did Dillan, but Rory, his face still obscured by his hood, backed out of the Hall. After the endless cheering, people began to ask questions. “When is the wedding?” “Where will it be held?” “May we all attend?” “I’d like to offer my services…” “I can bake for you!” Chuckling at the enthusiasm and sniffing back her threatening tears, Audra held up a hand, encouraging quiet. “The fact you accept this and seem happy for me is all I could want. However, Maxen and I have decided to wed in a private ceremony next month.” What sounded like a single grown of utter disappointment rose from the attendees. Audra chuckled. “Your enthusiasm touches us. Although Maxen and I will wed privately, we shall have a feast for all when we
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