The Death Of The Sheriff Department Created A Cold Case Squad

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A taxi driver was killed during a night robbery in Columbia, South Carolina. Out of this rather ordinary crime, it had been boxed up for nearly four decade until 1997, when the sheriff department created a cold case squad. In 1961, John Orner was shot three times in the head because the suspect tried to remove any money from Orner’s taxi. Following morning, the bloodstained taxi was found abandoned within the streets of Columbia. Through ballistics evidence found in John Orner’s head, police suspected that a person named Edward Freiburger was involved. From forensics examination of those three bullets indicated that the bullets were fired from a .32 caliber Harrington and Richardson (H&R) revolver. Police did manage to catch
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Supported the evidence, Freiburger was simply convicted. Much like in the Freiburger’s case, most investigations begin with a crime having been committed.

Forensic ballistics and firearm investigation begin when the bullets, cartridges, a weapon, or any combination of the above found at a crime scene. With the evidence, a crime laboratory will explore for clues on some things that might cause a suspect or possible to prove that the things were used in the crime. By contrast, the markings on the bullets or cartridges found at the scene with those discharged from the suspect’s weapon, a ballistics expert will typically confirm if the rounds came from a similar weapon. Just the act of cycling a cartridge through the weapon without firing it will leave permanent scratches on the case that is distinctive to the weapon.
When a suspect’s weapon is examined in the laboratory, it will be test fired into a box stuffed with cotton or a tank of water to supply the examiner with the bullets and cartridges with a notable history. Using a microscope, the familiar cartridges are compared with those in question. With some patience, skill, and a bit luck, specialists will definitively say that c certain firearm and no alternative fired this bullet to eject this cartridge. The value of luck cannot be
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