The Death Penalty Has Always Been One Of The Most Hotly

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The death penalty has always been one of the most hotly debated issues in the United States. As our country grows older and wiser, however, evidence clearly points to the fact that the death penalty is not a good solution. There is no question that killing another person is the most heinous crime that one can commit. Arguments today boil down to three key points on why Death Penalty should be eliminated which are the age of the murderer, the chance of margin of error occurring and the costs of sentencing someone to the death penalty. First off, there needs to be a definition of what capital punishment and the death penalty is. According to Hugo Bedau, capital punishment is the lawful infliction of the death penalty. The United States use…show more content…
I do not believe they should, I believe many minors who do murder simply do not know the full extent of consequences to their wrong doings. Heft also stated in the Article Death Penalty for teens that society has a huge role in juvenile murderers. Heft also believes “Peer pressure and family enviroment subjects adolescents to enormous psychological and emotional stress”. Even though a not fully developed mind is not a mental illness it still can affect how a child reacts to anger or sadness. Heft believes Its cruel and unusual to sentence a minor to capital punishment because, it violates their eighth and 14th amendment. In response, I believe that the bill of rights, especially the eighth amendment, prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. If there is any punishment much crueler than death, please let me know. A second argument that some people use to support capital punishment is that the fear of margin of error occurring. However, the chance that there might be an error is separate from the issue of whether the death penalty can be legal or not. If an error does occur, and an innocent person is executed, then the problem lies within the court system. I do believe if the criminal was put in jail, at least partial reparations could be made later if found not guilty. Given that it is a system that cannot be 100 percent accurate, what then is an acceptable percentage

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