The Death Penalty Is A Simple Name For A Very Controversial

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The death penalty is a simple name for a very controversial practice. Once a common way to deter people from performing cruel crimes, capital punishment has never before been under such political scrutiny. Abolished throughout Europe, the U.S. still uses it in 31 states. Supporters deem it necessary to protect and provide order while anti-death penalty advocates label it as outdated and inhumane. Both sides argue to be the morally right decision; one that would protect the most people. However, once examined carefully, it becomes obvious that the death penalty suffers too greatly from a regression of support, racial discrimination and inadequacy as a criminal deterrent to fulfill its moral purpose. Rather than receive federal support, …show more content…

Religion plays a key role in perception of the death penalty’s morally ambiguous reputation, either by clearly supporting or rejecting it. Regardless of an individual 's ultimate opinion, it reduces to whether killing criminals is legitimately assisting in the protection of society, and the numbers that think so are decreasing. Another concern that riddles the workings of capital punishment is the amount of time it takes to finalize a sentence that, once executed, cannot be undone. In the interest of maintaining public order, some say it is the state 's right to take the life of a murderer, “but others argue that incarcerating the criminal gives him or her a chance to repent” or redeem themselves (A8). Sentencing a killer to life without parole eliminates the ability for that individual to continue committing crimes, while giving the opportunity for that individual to find peace. This makes killing a killer seem rather unnecessary, even cruel, when many charged murderers are later proven innocent. Anthony Ray Hinton, formerly charged with murder, stated “being on death row has taken so much from me as a human being. [...] I spent 30 years on death row for something I didn’t do.” (A5). He is only one of now 155 exonerations; a number that could be more had those innocent been given a better chance to prove themselves in court. Capital punishment simply doesn’t function well enough for it to trump

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