The Death of the 21st Century

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Almost every task we complete involves cell phones. There are apps for virtually everything; alarms, paying bills, checking grades, shopping. I’m sure everyone can agree that advanced technology has made lives easier in the sense of work and the effort put into things. But has it been taken too far? Is technology completing too much of the work for us? Like everything else technology has its positive and negative effects. If you own a smart phone everything you need is lying in the palm of your hand. Being “plugged in” at all times everywhere we go has created potential risk. Social networking has opened doors to new forms of social interaction and education changing traditional and old school ways of learning and meeting new people. Since the advancement of technology there has been a rise in the obesity rate.
Near Death experiences, and car accidents due to texting and driving has become way too common in today’s society. Have you ever been in the car behind the wheel and received a text or call and had the urge to take a quick look at your phone? Teens especially, feel that a simple text like “I’m here” cannot wait. Handing a cell phone to a person behind the wheel can be like-minded to giving a suicidal person a gun. Cell phones have the power to completely distract drivers causing them to get in wrecks that they have no control over because their brains are so centered on what’s…

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